A Modest Inheritance

Inheritance_for_webIn this fast-paced legal thriller set in central Appalachia, Amanda Candler, a middle-aged every-woman, is pulled out of her ordinary life by a summons home to the small mountain city she left behind thirty years ago. Traveling alone to Charleston, West Virginia from Annapolis, Maryland, she arrives to find her centenarian grandmother near the end and discovers that the wealthy friend entrusted with her care is in reality a legal predator who has secretly launched a plot to take her grandmother’s estate.

MurFor Web Uploadder at the Wine Cask Inn

All Georgina wants is to sip her wine, not to find a body in the Green Room of her Wine Cask Inn. The heart-throb captain of homicide, Mike Trieste, tries to solve the murder not without ruffling female feathers. Everyone becomes a suspect as they search for the missing fifty million dollars.