Book Signing with a Comfort Dog

Book Signing May 1 2013 Annapolis (2)May first, Mayfair. Joyous celebration in Annapolis MD. Businesses and residents alike strive to design colorful and artistic floral arrangements. Annapolis is magical with colors, maypoles and crowds enjoying the sunny Mayday.  So far, we’ve been very lucky because I can’t remember a Mayday with pouring rain. At the same time the Annapolis Garden Club organizes a Mayfair, for benefit, at the Annapolis Yacht Club. Vendors with their wares fill up the downstairs and a luxurious luncheon buffet is served on the third level.

I arranged for one of the E-Book authors of a Few Good Books Publishing to have a book signing. Marvin Rubinstein, a pleasant gentleman of 91 and still a world traveler with his beautiful wife Chie, asked me two weeks prior to the signing whether or not his comfort dog, a tiny 9 lb. bundle of fur, with a vest that stated, Comfort Dog and I’m working, was allowed into the Yacht Club. I was slightly (actually a lot) taken by surprise and replying, I doubt it, I promised to ask. Marv informed me that he had a letter from a medical doctor, confirming that it was indeed comforting for Marv to have Chibi close by.

With letter in hand, I marched into the Yacht Club to plead my case. I was assured that it will be given to the final decision maker and I would get an answer within a few days. The answer was a big Yes. The only stipulation was that Chibi could not enter the dining room.

All went well. Chibi looked adorable with her little vest on and she sat in her carrier next to Marv. I should clarify this point. All went well until Chibi decided that she was way too important to be zippered up in her carrier for such a long time. For a small dog, she had an extremely assertive voice. So, out she came into her mistress’s shoulder sling. With a huge sigh, she snuggled into Chie’s arms and loyally continued her job.

Check out Professor Rubinstein’s latest book “To the Ramparts! Religion vs. Science-The Battle.” If you enjoy a lively debate, this is the book for you. It is available from A Few Good Books Publishing, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s The Nook and Professor Rubinstein is also available for group discussions accompanied by book signings.


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