Juggler’s Blade by Rob Ross

“There once was a young man who wished to gain his Heart’s Desire.” Neil Gaiman, Stardust.

Even if fantasy is not your favorite genre, by the time you read the final page of Juggler’s Blade you may very well have changed your mind. With imaginative ease and great story-telling, the author draws us into a complex world of rich tapestry of unusual scenes and unforgettable characters.


Ian, the young juggler, finds out that he is Accursed, a `D’Natai’, hunted by the immortal Heralds. Saved by Jollard, he is taken to the sewers of the capital Lodric where the Accursed live and hide from the Heralds and their Wardens. Trained by Della, he joins forces with her to overcome the Immortals. But, how do you destroy an Immortal?

Juggler’s Blade is Book 1 of the Trilogy. The author holds the reader’s attention with vivid descriptions and fast plot development.The only disappointment with this book is that it had come to an end and you have to wait to find out the fate of Ian and his Pack.

Rob Ross started writing in High School and College, and even made the finals of the Young Playwright’s festival in New York. He left writing for a while to begin his career as a trial lawyer in D.C. In his mid-thirties, however, he felt the compulsion again and wrote four novels over the course of ten years. Although he won a few prizes through the Maryland Writers’ Association, Juggler’s Blade was the first book that he felt was publishable.

Ross has had a life-long love of Fantasy and Science Fiction, having grown up with Tolkien, Bradbury and Asimov. Juggler’s Blade is the first book of a planned trilogy, and in the mold of current fantasy writers like Brandon Sanderson, and Raymond Feist, both of whom the author admires tremendously.

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