“Much Ado About Nothing”

There are times when I constantly write and there are times I take a rest to enjoy family, grand-children, culture and of course, the wonders of sailing the Chesapeake. My husband, an avid sailor since 1980 (he owned a glider, but when he crashed it into a farmer’s field who wasn’t too happy about it, he decided sailing was his next best bet.) He still doesn’t quite understand that the roadways are not quite like the skies or the seas. He always has this notion that he’s the only one on the road. That is why I drive, always.

At this time of the year, for our family reunion, all of us living in the United States of America, pack up our cars with the presents, me with two dozen shoes for five days, (I’m a shoe nut) and off we go to Toronto ON Canada.

So, we’re planning to do this again and of course we have a cat-sitter who lives in our house while we’re gone, since twenty two lovely felines are dependent on me serving their two daily meals.

Last year, I had the pleasure of making the five-hundred and forty mile trip with my husband and my ex-husband. I drive my own car and since my husband tore off the front bumper from my Prius more than six years ago, he is not allowed to drive my car. Therefore, now I have a silver Mercedes which is only driven by me. My husband isn’t too thrilled about that. But, I say, “C’est la vie.”

So, to make a long story short…we are driving home to Toronto. My husband in the front passenger seat and my ex-husband in the back seat. (They are friends from way back and my divorce was not because of my present husband. There was another one in-between.

We get to the border, and I pull up to the Customs Officer and he says “Bienvenue au Canada” and I say, “Merci Monsieur, c’est ma plaisir” and me, being the driver, I hand over the three passports. All three passports have different names. So, the customs official asked me, politely, how are you related? What is your relationship to each other? I answer, pointing to my right, “This is my husband, and back there is my ex-husband.” He handed me back the three passports and with a wicked smile, said, “Madame, enjoy the holidays.”

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a bountiful healthy, happy New Year.