This past September, my husband and I, no, this is wrong, I rented a year round house on the crystal clear waters of Lake Simcoe, just north of Toronto. It is a lake where you can see the bottom with the sea shells and water vegetation. My dear friend, her husband and I drove up three days before my husband. It is where I lived for over twenty five years. I wanted for all my friends to have a BBQ and a lovely afternoon together. Which we did have. The day before Carol, my dear friend, her husband Errol, still a very good looking man from Trinidad, went shopping for the food for the next day. While Carol and I shopped, Errol sat down in the chairs provided for husbands waiting till their wives finished their shopping. So now, out we came and Errol helped us load all the $200.00 plus of groceries into the trunk of my car. I was just pulling out behind Mc Donald’s when I hear this shriek from the back seat. “Eva, I lost my shoe.” Carol and I looked at each other stunned. How can you lose a shoe ? “Where did you lose it?” I asked trying not to burst out laughing. “I don’t know. I think it was when I got into the ca.r You have to make a U-turn.” I did, and there in the middle of two cars, in the space where I had parked before was “The Shoe.” It was sitting all alone. Waiting for its owner to find it. And we did.